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Free Hex Editor 3.12
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Free Hex Editor 3.12

Publisher:HHD Software
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Free Hex Editor - Free Hex Editor Software - Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and Replace features. Edit your Exe Code, Hex Dump, Avi, Mpeg, Jpeg and other files with HHD HexEditor

List of Changes:

Version 3.12 from 2005-10-13


Free Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software.

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File Size: 2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Reha 2011-08-27 02:47:32 #
Version: 3.12

I had to do a minor patch in an exe module, worked fine.

Roton1 2011-08-24 08:46:36 #
Version: 3.12

easy to use, I could decode a cryptic mesage in less than 3 minutes.

Frabb 2011-08-13 03:23:43 #
Version: 3.12

Works very well!

Joe 2011-07-27 12:22:12 #
Version: 3.12

Excellent tool. I used it to find the problem in my file, correct it and now all is working just fine. Very impressive.

Dorsetsort Joan 2011-05-30 05:10:28 #
Version: 3.12

downloaded well and runs OK under windows7. Seems to be a useful goody to have available for difficult files.

Mike Roche 2011-05-04 16:09:28 #
Version: 3.12

Thanks for the hex editor. Needed one to examine binary file (like the ones used when on unix systems) an did the job nicely. Din't try to edit and save yet.

Dickcrich 2011-03-22 10:02:29 #
Version: 3.12

Very nice, useful product. Greate aid in debugging.

Stevestefanidis 2011-03-08 16:45:26 #
Version: 3.12

Needed to examine a few bytes at the start of a binary file. This tool did the trick for me. Thanks.

Just12000 1 2011-02-23 02:09:47 #
Version: 3.12

I probably do no know how to use the hex editor properly as as I can't really speak hex, but it does what it said it was going to do which is what counts.

Charlest 2011-01-11 00:58:41 #
Version: 3.12

Did the job and I was able to patch a corrupt file.

Angela Nofsinger 2010-12-23 07:09:06 #
Version: 3.12

The software ROCKS!!!

Kevinl33 2010-12-18 00:01:05 #
Version: 3.12

It's nice, lots of good features. I haven't explored them all so there may be ways to do things that I haven't discovered yet.
- endian flipping
- dump chunks at regular intervals. For example I may be interested in a 240 structure that occurs every 2000 bytes.
- I would like to position a particular byte as the first byte on the screen. It makes it easier to analyze a section of the file.
- #2 could be implemented with a page down key and jumping exactly a specified # of bytes.
- I haven't experimented with editing, is it possible to enter a sequence? Example, every 2000 bytes insert the value of "i" then increment i.

I will play some more. Thanks.

Hooras5ya 2010-09-19 19:34:43 #
Version: 3.12

Used it to find hidden control characters in (line feed & form feed) a text file. that I was trying to parse.
Thank you.

Hyuuu 2010-09-09 08:15:32 #
Version: 3.12

The only problem I have with "Free Hex Editor" is the fact that it is not FREE. Please remove FREE from its name so others don't bother to download it and then not install it.

You use the word FREE to get site hits but it is a cheap shit technique to try and get customers to buy your so called FREE product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lecoeur Jeremy 2010-08-17 15:55:00 #
Version: 3.12

Simple to use and efficient ! A wonderful software.

Paul 2010-08-12 15:54:23 #
Version: 3.12

Thanks for the free hex editor.
However I found that the characters were so small that I could not read them. This might be due to my software.

Thanks again for allowing me to try your product.

Paul A. Buechler

Dzungvu 2010-08-11 01:09:20 #
Version: 3.12

very nice and useful tool. I installed on my windows 7 pro smoothly. I used it to view large size binary file. It is great that I can navigate thru file so quick and effortless.

Geoff 2010-08-10 22:51:12 #
Version: 3.12

I needed the product for a specific purpose. It met all my requirements. It looks as though it can do a lot more too, and looks well engineered. But I have not explored these extra capabilities. Thankyou.

Ckhoh 2010-08-05 21:13:45 #
Version: 3.12

Very nice software. Good user interface. Able to read large data sets.

Brad Dely 2010-07-20 08:58:33 #
Version: 3.12

Needed to view a Hex file, easy works great.

I1su 2010-07-16 08:15:21 #
Version: 3.12

I wasn't able to perform the operation of my interest that is the conversion from a *.bin file to Hex (intel64) format.
Thanks anyway
Silvio Cerati

Santhosh Mysore 2010-06-30 05:19:35 #
Version: 3.12

its a wonderful tool.

Al 2010-06-25 11:12:36 #
Version: 3.12

Thank you for the very easy to use free Hex Editor. I will be using it quite a bit to examine files, in particular the file format of .jpg files.

Thank you for providing the excellent free program.


Netto Ufrgs 2010-06-18 04:41:17 #
Version: 3.12

Works fine and easy to use.

Oh Hayou 2010-06-16 19:50:23 #
Version: 3.12

Thank you for the program.

Stefan Siren 2010-06-12 08:25:17 #
Version: 3.12

Nice program for investigating files :)

Sankurj 2010-05-27 11:29:26 #
Version: 3.12

I have just tried it and it is realy very good.
and also would like to learn it more..

JPReaper 2010-04-29 18:24:51 #
Version: 3.12

I personally thought at first it was a little difficult to change the text in the hex editor but once I got the gist of it it was all to easy. Now I wouldn't have posted a reveiw about the as I only used it once or twice but the email the website sent me was the I did, if I had to give an over veiw of the editor I would give it 9/10.

Cscheuermann 2010-02-18 18:23:48 #
Version: 3.12

excellent progam, well thought out and easy to use.

Tony Gallagher 2010-02-09 18:45:38 #
Version: 3.12

I downloaded the trial version to see if it would be suitable for displaying MIB files. These files have a mix of different field types, with text, hex and binary fields.

The trial version didnt allow multi selects. What I wanted to do was define fileds or columns with different data types and have the editor convert them to a display format - eg from hex to decimal for some fields, hex to decimal for some, binary to decimal for others. The free version wouldnt let me do multi - select of fields which meant I needed to do individual fieds at a time.

Overall it is probably better that I use a specific MIB browser tool to define the display of different fields and objects.

Darkmen X 2010-02-04 17:45:58 #
Version: 3.12


I'm dissapointed and have two reason file size is not 2Mb 2. because i tried something with this Software but i got nothing.Tried to convert hex to pdf(or image)file.Nothing happens...Maybe i don't know how to use it or something done wrong.It is very complicated to use this program!

Sgrsagara 2009-09-29 07:10:32 #
Version: 3.12

It work well but i found that , when there should be "," was replaced by "!".Anyway good product

Mspruit1 2009-09-29 00:59:15 #
Version: 3.12

I'm sorry, but I have verry little knowledge of programming, so i'm not realy able to say anything about your editor for now.

I've tried some things but dont realy know what i'm doing. It is all expirimental.
At this point, I first have to try and understand what all the codes and commands are doing.

All i can say is: It looks good.

Larse101 2009-08-15 02:15:13 #
Version: 3.12

It's a nice editor but the problem is me myself cause for me, binary is complicated. For me to use the hex editor, I must learn more about binary codes so I can use it well.

Mcmanny 2009-08-06 08:43:24 #
Version: 3.12

Wow! This is alla that I can say, this software rocks. It's very simple to use and have many interesting features. Let's download it!

Jmsaak 22 2009-07-29 10:23:54 #
Version: 3.12

your software it's very good

Hexed 2009-07-14 16:47:48 #
Version: 3.12

All I can say is that the software installed without any problems. My use so far has been very limited, but it does seem easy to use, and looks like it does all that I will want of it (mainly checking file io). Thanks

E Frerichs 2009-06-17 06:20:18 #
Version: 3.12

I am sure i have not used all the features yet but for simple hex viewing and editing this editor worked intuitively and very efficient.
Good software!

Imorrison 2009-05-14 02:54:25 #
Version: 3.12

I have just started making use of this application and I have to be honest and say that I am very impressed with what I have seen!

Normannelson 2009-04-15 12:42:31 #
Version: 3.12

I am having trouble accessing a byte reversal mode. There is Little Endian and BigEndian, which don't seem to do anything to the data that was read in, but I wouls also like to be able to vie the bytes in the reverse order.

Freeady10 2009-03-10 12:05:44 #
Version: 3.12


is the best program but i need something to by more easy to use i need this program for map eeprom for auto renault and this program is very good but i don't see where is the rpm temp, and others parameters i need for grafic interface please help my

Mr C 2009-03-04 06:39:01 #
Version: 3.12

Hex Editor Review

Only used for basic file view activity, but file contents presented clearly. Multitude of features available look great for users wanting to edit data directly. Would appreciate an option to display in octal and decimal too.

Michelblh52 2009-02-26 04:45:56 #
Version: 3.12

great tool

I was just looking for a free hex files reader but I found a complete
file management tool.
I'm quite satisfied with the free version and I actually don't need
standard or pro version.
Prices are OK so In case of future need I will not hesitate to buy it.

Tlam 2009-01-02 03:44:33 #
Version: 3.12

Got what I was asking for

My current needs are very small. All I wanted was to exam the hex contents of a file and see if there are any special characters hidden that messed up the file load in SSIS. Your tool did provide that. many thanks!

Ccaliff 2008-12-12 11:49:39 #
Version: 3.12

FreeHex Editor Review

Your program is quite large and I don't have time to analyze most of it. My need was to decipher a record that had mixed ascii and packed fields and try to determine how to unpack the packed fields. There is no documentation on the type of packing that was originally used and I hoped that with a hex dump I could figure it out. It would be a nice enhancement to you program if i could mark an area (field)and then have the ability to select different pack routines and the program show me the data results as I know what many of the values should be.

Mininapoli 2008-10-23 08:24:23 #
Version: 3.12

Almost perfect

Easy to use, would be perfect if it was possible edit files and search for hexadecimal sequence in the files...

Mullins 2008-10-21 17:24:16 #
Version: 3.12

Free Hex Editor

The Free Hex Editor is a very useful and easy to use tool.

Snufy 2008-08-13 18:11:53 #
Version: 3.12

Works great

I only use it sporatically but it has worked flawlessly to this point. Very useful program. Intuitive controls. I like it very much.

Rdenny 2008-08-12 11:55:26 #
Version: 3.12

Good Tool

When I went to download version 3.12, I got version 4.64 and was pleasantly surprised by how versatile the free version is! I have used other hex editing tools and this is as good as some that I have purchased before.

Siriuss50mike 2008-08-08 22:01:05 #
Version: 3.12

Worked to display but could not copy output.

Was able to take a text file and display the contents in Hex. I had an issue in that I could not copy the hex code and paste it into word like I wanted to, but I ended up creating a text printer and using the print function to print out the hex then took the hex text print out and imported it into word.

Panzhiyong84 2008-08-01 01:08:32 #
Version: 3.12

I didn`t mean multiple selection!

It's a good one.

The only thing has bothered me A LITTLE so far is that, it always pops a mode window when I do "multiple selection" - I mean:
1) I'm not really doing multiple selection(if I want, I'll try to press CTRL);
2) The mode window cannot ESC(I wonder it intends for tip or bothering?).

Fortunately, it provides "CTRL + D" to conveniently clear selection.

Stewart 2008-07-23 06:14:12 #
Version: 3.12

Not very good

Not a good explanation of what is to be downloaded.
The download was over complicated - you really do not need to be transferred to a nother page to click on a download link after it has already been done.
The program was dissapointing, as I could not do anything really unless I purchased a full program.

Oldyellerbluedenver 2008-06-27 14:46:18 #
Version: 3.12

Free hex editor.

Good tool. Still learning to use it. Over all thanks.

mark_jennings 2008-04-30 05:42:25 #
Version: 3.12

problems found

Good tool, but for some reason whenever I click on a desktop icon, this hex editor opens up instead of the application I want.

Tried installing twice, but same problem the second time.

AKR 2008-04-19 02:48:23 #
Version: 3.12


Excellent tool for ground level workers

Arve Iversen 2008-03-25 05:29:10 #
Version: 3.12

How to use.

To learn how use this program took few minutes. Its an easy program for other than the proffesionals, but still a very profesional program. I have tried some other program, but I choose this one.

Julian-Hook 2008-03-06 03:39:36 #
Version: 3.12

General Opinion - Good for Large Files

An interesting program - a novell interface.

I'm looking for something that can edit very large files, ie: >3Gb, and this certainly seems to fit the bill, quick loading & navigation so I'll add it to my shortlist.

Philclem 2007-07-25 03:56:28 #
Version: 3.12

Product limited

Free Hex Editor was downloaded to enable me to view disk sectors, especially the boot records. Unfortunately, it doesn't have this ability, thus it has been uninstalled. Also, some of the facilities are disabled unless the full product is purchased - another turn-off.

DRW 2007-07-24 18:24:01 #
Version: 3.12

Helped me to solve a file format problem

It was the only editor (or even display) that I could use to discover the end of record characters for a strange file I was sent (from SAP, and intended for our IBM i5 - AS/400 DB2). In ASCII, I found your editor showed the correct file with CR-LF (0d 0a), but the weird file had an EOR of 3 bytes LF-CR-LF (0a 0d 0a). I had to show these in ASCII, since when I transferred the file to the i5, it converts it to EBCDIC (correctly, byte by byte). However, the utilites on the (expensive) IBM i5 cannot handle 3 bytes for an end of record, and I had to explain it in ASCII to the people who created it.
All the other editors either showed nothing, or the little square that means it can't handle it. Thanks for your cool editor. As a former mainframe guy, I could read the layout perfectly, just like the old system dumps.

Rick1 2007-06-06 19:54:13 #
Version: 3.12

works great

I needed a hex dump program to inspect and modify MIDI drum patterns to determine why the application program, Finale 2007, fails to import them properly.

tony innes 2007-05-14 18:50:20 #
Version: 3.12

Does not support EBCDIC

Need to be able to support EBCDIC as well as ASCII character set. Without EBCDIC support I find the product useless

jah0 2007-04-27 10:30:49 #
Version: 3.12

Free Hex Editor comments

Potentially satifies a need to review files on a workstation prior to
ftp to a mainframe to verify file integrity or to troubleshoot translation

new user 2007-04-19 11:47:47 #
Version: 3.12

First time use

The Free Hex Editor met my needs. I just needed a Windows based Hex Editor to view and easily modify binary files for test cases.

ed_davenport@bd 2007-04-13 10:45:37 #
Version: 3.12

print capability needed

would like to be able to print what is displayed

dgookin 2007-01-28 17:03:49 #
Version: 3.12

Vista Testing

I'm not able to open some files in Hex Editor in Vista. These might be because they're system files, but
even when I make duplicates in other folders, the files don't seem to open.

It would be nice to have an ASCII text search feature.

it would be nice to have a Hex/Dec lookup table or maybe just an ASCII table.

Again, I can't tell if my woes are because of Vista or Hex Editor. If you do update to work specifically for
Vista, be sure to include error messages for when things don't work. As it is now, no message appears
when I try to open a file and it will not open.

user123 2006-12-18 01:08:10 #
Version: 3.12

Interface comment

From time to time, the interface hangs, requiring a restart of the application.
Otherwise it works very well.

I could use options to translate the hex to other than ASCII, eg. EBCDIC.

Clyde McLennan 2006-12-12 23:33:47 #
Version: 3.12

Great Product

Excellent product - would be helpful to have some 'help' text.

Found that it some functions did not give feedback on why they would not work, eg change the value o a field didn't work because the file was locked by another program.

Would be helpful to have a hex to decimal convertor, so that values could be put in in more easily.

But great product.


Download Now
File Size: 2 Mb